Old photographs (or even new ones) can suffer from horrendous damage. If a photo is creased, faded, crumpled up, torn in half or has been chewed up by the dog and spat out in a dozen pieces, we can almost certainly digitally repair it for you and print lovely good-as-new copies. We can also remove undesirable intruders from photographs, replace backgrounds and create composite pictures from multiple originals. The sky’s the limit! Below are some examples of the most common photo retouching jobs…

These are very old pictures that had accumulated many decades of water damage and were faded, spotty and covered in mould. Here they are shown looking the way we received them and also restored to their former glory after retouching work.

Photo Repairs Old Men


Photo Editing
The lady in the first photo was very annoyed with the creases in her jacket and the soldier in the second photo was very annoyed that he didn’t get close enough to Princess Diana.

Photo Repairs Tom Liz Diana


Photo Compositing
As the Spice Girls used to say, “Two Become One” in this image, created from two originals. Or should that be “Two Become Three”? Who says the camera never lies?

Photo Repairs 2become1


Scratch, dust & tear removal
These photos were both badly torn and had multiple areas of creasing and were very dirty.

Photo Repairs Bomber


Colour Restoration
The first photo shown here had bad colour fading and the second, which is much older, had lost almost all the black from the picture.

Photo Repairs Colour Repairs