The most cost effective way to publicise your business is to use your own vehicle(s) for mobile advertising. Or maybe you just want to decorate your vehicle to make it more pleasing to the eye. Vinyl lettering or full colour images can be expertly fitted by us to your van, car or trailer. We also have plenty of experience of fitting vinyl graphics to buses, motorcycles, boats, horse boxes, recovery trucks (in reflective vinyls) and even bicycles and jet skis.



These powerful magnetic panels can be removed from your vehicle when not in use, can be made in a variety of sizes and cut to virtually any shape.


Vinyl lettering and full colour images can be applied to rigid plastic, aluminium or soft pvc wheel covers to boost your advertising presence out on the road.

wheel covers

Maybe you just want to tart up your car a bit? We have provided everything from chequered roofs and go-faster stripes to eagles, flowers, devils, lips and even bullet holes. Customise your car with vinyl graphics which are easily removable if you want to sell your car.

Car pics

This material is covered in perforations and when applied to windows (usually van rear windows or buses) enables you to see perfectly from the inside of the vehicle despite the vibrancy of the full colour print on the exterior.